• For individuals: 110 euros per session of 50 minutes. If and when you are sure you wish to continue sessions with me, there is the option to schedule and pay for 4 sessions in advance at the cost of 400 Euros (i.e. 100 Euros per session). Sessions of 90 min are possible if needed for more in-depth work and cost 165 Euros per session. 
  • For couples: 165 euros per counselling session of 90 min. If you wish to continue sessions, there is the option to pay for 3 sessions in advance at the cost of 465 Euros.
  • For therapists: 110 euros per supervision session of 60 min
  • For group therapy: 30 euros per session of 105 minutes.

All sessions are possible both in person at my office or online. Online sessions for couples are a bit shorter: 60 minutes and cost 120 Euros per session. 

After the first session, following sessions are generally scheduled on a basis of once every 1-3 weeks, depending on your needs and preferences. Couple counselling tends to take place once every 2-3 weeks. Group therapy takes place once every 2 weeks.
I place a strong value on continued professional development and supervision, as well as being fully present and preparing for each session. This, as well as my many years of experience, are also reflected in my fee structure.

Insurance coverage

If you have a private insurance, either German or international, you most likely can claim back up to 40-50% of the cost of the sessions. Unfortunately, I cannot accept regular insurance from the Krankenkassen. If you have a Dutch insurance, it is likely that your insurance will cover the costs for 10-15 sessions, depending on your diagnosis.

Alternative options

Please note I have a limited number of spaces for people who are also not able to afford my fees. Please send me an email with your reasons (such as being a student, currently unemployed, etc) and I will let you know if there are any sliding scale spaces free at the moment. I am also happy to assist in any questions regarding your insurance coverage.

“Lovers”, painting by Anthony Maulucci