Vera Yung

Hello! My name is Vera Yung and I come from Hong Kong. 

Currently, I am a graduate student of modern cultural studies, researching the act of playing among children and adolescents with a background of forced migration. I have also been in training psychoanalysis in a Lacanian orientation as a psychoanalyst-in-formation, gaining experience for my future practice through volunteering at a refugee camp in Berlin. Before my academic pursuit in Berlin, I was studying anthropology and working as a columnist in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

I find enthusiasm in holding responsibility for the administrative work of Berlin Counselling because I believe in the significance of communication both in-between and outside of each session, and also the transferential bond among psychotherapeutic practitioners. 

If you have any inquiries about our works and practices or wish to request for an appointment, advice on referral and mental-health supports in Berlin, please do not hesitate to contact me via the e-mail address