Women supporting Women


From 21st of January 2017, I am starting a new free counselling support group for English speaking women. Whether you are experiencing relationship difficulties, adjusting to your role as a mother, struggling with depression and anxiety, or just trying to adjust to life in Berlin, this group can be a helpful resource for you to reflect on your situation and find more constructive ways of dealing with current challenges, with the support of others. The group session will consist of sharing experiences, supporting each other in moving towards solutions and some structured exercises to help you focus more on individual work. The exact content will depend on the themes women bring to the group.


In order to keep the group as open as possible and as confidential and supportive as necessary, it is possible to come just once to try it out. After that, the group will be biweekly for 10 sessions and I strongly encourage you to come as often as you can. Group therapy is especially good if you are not sure whether you need individual therapy, cannot afford the cost of individual sessions and/or are looking for more meaningful connections to others around you.


The group is free of charge, as it is funded by the AOK. You don’t have to be a member of AOK in order to join, as it is part of their general prevention programme. The group will be no bigger than 8 participants. Please send me a message on for more information. The first group session will be Saturday January 21st from 11.00-12.30, and after that will take place on a biweekly basis. If you cannot make that time, but are interested in coming to group sessions, do send me an email, as I will start a second group later in the year.