I work with couples at any stage of their relationship, whether you just got together, are going through some difficult times, or considering separation. Together with both of you, we work on better managing differences (incl.cultural differences), reconciliation and building more positive relationship patterns.

Some couples come to me to find a way to stay together, whereas others come to me to find a relatively positive way to separate. I place a high emphasis on working with both perspectives in the relationship, and working towards more constructive ways of communicating.

Common issues couples come to me for:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Working through difficulties to stay together
  • Considering separation, or staying in contact after separation or divorce
  • Mental health problems
  • Issues of loss and bereavement

While couple counselling is not necessarily a substitute for individual counselling, research has shown that couple counselling can be more effective than individual therapy, e.g. in the case of one of the partners having depression (Jones & Asen, 2000).