In response to the rapid increase in cost of living in Berlin, I have had to increase my rates recently. As I would like to still be able to see people with a range of financial means, I decided to start using a sliding scale. This sliding scale depends on your financial situation, as well as the complexity and duration of the therapy (oriented towards the official fee structure for psychotherapists in Germany).

  • For individuals: 100-125 euros per session of 50 minutes. If you wish to continue sessions for a longer period of time, there is the option to pay for 4 sessions in advance at the cost of 400 Euros (i.e. 100 Euros per session). Sessions of 90 min are possible if needed for more in-depth work and cost 150-175 Euros per session. 
  • For couples: 155-175 euros per counselling session of 90 min. If you wish to continue sessions for a longer period of time, there is the option to pay for 3 sessions in advance at the cost of 465 Euros.
  • For therapists: 100-120 euros per supervision session of 60 min
  • For group therapy: 30 euros per session of 105 minutes.

All sessions are possible both in person at my office or online.

Sessions are generally scheduled on a basis of once every 1-3 weeks, depending on your needs and preferences. Couple counselling tends to take place once every 2-3 weeks. Group therapy takes place once every 2 weeks.

Insurance coverage

If you have a private insurance, either German or international, you most likely can claim back up to 40-50% of the cost of the sessions. Unfortunately, I cannot accept regular insurance from the Krankenkassen. If you have a Dutch insurance, it is likely that your insurance will cover the costs for 10-15 sessions, depending on your diagnosis.

Alternative options

Please note I have a limited number of spaces for people who are also not able to afford the lowest end of the sliding scale. I am also happy to assist in any questions regarding your insurance coverage.

“Lovers”, painting by Anthony Maulucci